Legal Disclaimer Stuff

I wrote this. You didn’t. Look, I get it, you are pulling the whole, “but I totally could have written this, I too, don’t like people”. But you didn’t, so tough teets. Not to mention, you sound like a creep for even thinking about stealing my words. Just don’t even try. I know at least three shitty lawyers that owe me favors. It’s only okay to steal Michael Bay movies, because even he wouldn’t pay to see that shit.

You may NOT publish or re-print any content from without the express written permission of, or its author, William Wells. 

Re-blogging is totally fine, as long as you don’t just copy and paste my content into your own blog post.

Copyright 2015 to present, by: William Wells (Author and Camp Director)judge_dredd_sketch_card_by_flip_r

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